International Journal of Information Retrieval

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International Journal of Information Retrieval

Issues : 2 Issues / Year

ISSNp : 0974-6285

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Subject Category : Computer Science

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About Journal :

The International Journal of Information Retrieval  is a peer-reviewed journal. International Journal of Information Retrieval (IJIR) aims to publish and disseminate knowledge on information retrieval including theoretical, experimental and applied research. Theoretical research reports a significant conceptual advance in the design of algorithms or other processes for some information retrieval task. Experimental research details a test of one or more theoretical ideas in a laboratory or natural setting. Application research cover successful application of some already established technique to a significant real world problem involving information retrieval. Information retrieval overlaps with a variety of technical and behavioral fields. As a result, the journal includes papers which unify concepts across several traditional disciplinary boundaries, with specific application to problems of information retrieval. The journal is targeted at both academic researchers and practicing IT professionals. This journal serves as an international forum for theory and experiment in information retrieval and its application in the networked information environment.

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International Journal of Information Retrieval

2,700.003,000.00 (-10%)

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