1. Refund and cancellation accepted within 3 days from the date of payment received by this office.
  2. Cancellation not accepted once the Bill or Invoice Generated in favour of customer.
  3. Refund and cancellation will not be accepted once the order has been processed except duplicate order.
  4. If the publishers/ society/ agency/ distributors have failed the supply of journals (in the period of subscription as on annual basis) in any case, then the subscription period will extend for the next year of all subscribed Journals at the same price.
  5. The subscription order should be extended for next year in case of Journals not published/ delayed in printing or any other reason.
  6. You have to change the title of journal in case of purchased title is delayed/ not published / not available for subscription.
  7. The subscription order of Journals is valid only for calendar year (January to December).
  8. The Books once sold will not be taken back or change in any case.
  9. The Journals once sold will not be taken back or change in any case.
  10. The products will not be return/ refund/ change in any case only replace in case of damaged products.
  11. The GST is applicable on selected products/ services and must born by the customers as per applicable.
  12. All legal disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.
  13. The refund and cancellation policy will change any time without any prior notice by the publishers as per requirement.
  14. You may not use this website, if you do not agree with refund and cancellation policy.

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